Our Food Service Companies Promise:

To provide every customer with variety, access to top management
and a completely customized food service program.

-J. Brian Stone, President and CEO

Glendale Dining Services brings restaurant-style food services to healthcare, senior care and specialty centers by providing flavorful, refreshingly-presented cuisine crafted by dedicated professional chefs and dietitians.

Explore Corporate Food Services

Café Services provides corporate dining food services throughout the eastern U.S. with a refreshing variety of corporate food services that focus on creatively-crafted quality food, exceptional presentation, and sustainable business value.

Contract Food Service Companies for Businesses and Institutions

Food Service Company brands support businesses and institutions with world-class culinary, hospitality and operations expertise and execution.  Our hand-picked teams of local managers, chefs, and skilled service staff passionately support each type of organization and facility by customizing extraordinary dining solutions that enhance the experiences of employees, patients, caregivers and guests.

Our proven approach of listening and partnering with clients to provide the best contracted food services in the eastern U.S. enables them to focus on their core mission as they entrust FSC to develop, enhance or grow their dining operations.  The FSC Brand family includes these divisions:  Café Services and Glendale Dining Services.

Cafe Services®
A Corporate Dining Food Service Company Like No Other

Since 1993, Café Services has grown to serve hundreds of business locations throughout the northeast with unmatched selection and value in corporate dining services.  Our wide-ranging menu of options ranges from development to provision to ongoing management of food-related support. Full-service cafeterias and self-service cafes offer creative, restaurant-quality cuisine prepared on site daily by professional chefs. Convenient micro markets and vending services are tangible benefits that provide around-the-clock access to the latest in fresh, trusted local and national-brand fare.

Corporate catering and event management ensures quality culinary control, in-house representation and accountability. All corporate dining management services are customized to reflect each client’s unique corporate personality and satisfy a multitude of employee tastes and preferences.

Glendale Dining Services®
Restaurant-Inspired Food Services for Institutions

Glendale Dining Services (GDS) specializes in providing attractively-presented fresh and flavorful restaurant-style dining programs for institutions such as healthcare, senior care, and specialty education providers.  Our experienced culinary and operations professionals are dedicated to satisfying the nutritional needs and service expectations of the diverse audiences within these mission-critical environments.

GDS teams value their role and responsibility to promote and maintain the well-being of inpatients, outpatients, caregivers, visitors, students and support staff, in a manner that enables each person to thrive.  GDS chefs diligently source fresh, healthy ingredients and creatively prepare meals on-site to encourage memorable dining experiences for all audiences.

FSCTM - A Food Service Provider
Inspired by People and Fresh Food

Photo of food service company lunch.

As our successful clients throughout New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland will tell you, FSC culinary professionals are inspired by the people we serve. As their cafeteria services vendor, we create extraordinary food experiences that support employee satisfaction and increase employee retention of thousands of employees. Our passion for providing fresh, flavorful food, robust resources and impeccable service is why each of our branded divisions are sought after by businesses that support all industries and institutions that assist a variety of audiences.

Photo of one of our best foodservice company chef's, chef Ray.
In order to be the best foodservice company in the business you need some of the best employees!

The Best Foodservice Company You’ll Ever Partner With

Our excellent reputation as a cafeteria service provider and nearly three decades of experience as a world-class food service vendor makes FSC the best partner to help you achieve return from your investment. Our dedicated teams, our use of the latest sales technology, and our strong network of local and national distributors form a strategic initiative that delivers effective, affordable support.

Foodservice Management Teams that Caters To Your Goals

Simply put, each division of our FSC family of brands caters to supporting your unique goals, objectives, and budget. From our experienced senior management team to our efficient on-site support staff, you gain partnership with a team of skilled professionals who work to understand your vision and make it a reality.

Passionate People Create Quality Dining Experiences

Our skilled and creative team is committed to creating quality dining experiences customized to the preferences and dietary needs of our clients and the people they serve. We continually invest in providing our people with ongoing professional development and generous benefits. This ensures that our team takes pride in their careers, and are as enthusiastic as you are about the success of your foodservice management program.

Corporate dining food service vendor gyro.
As a flexible foodservice vendor we adapt and customize programs according to our customer’s needs.

A Foodservice Vendor Team With Flexible Business Structure Enables Attention to Detail

Unlike the impersonal cookie-cutter approach of many large nationally-owned foodservice vendors, FSC brands adapt and customize programs and services based on our clients’ needs, desires and budgets. This important differentiator ensures that no detail or client request is overlooked. For example, our micro-market retail option is a practical resource for clients that operate outside of typical weekday business hours and on weekends. Our highly responsive and flexible Café Services business model enables us to quickly attend to and satisfy requests to provide more of any specific type of meal, refreshment, and snack options such as candy and chips.

Quality Food and Products from Trusted Food Service Distributors

We understand the value and cost-effectiveness of sourcing quality culinary ingredients and products from trusted distributors. In addition to sourcing food from local farms and vendors whenever possible, we have relationships with several national vendors whose brands our clients know and respect. We also purchase thousands of products ranging from paper plates, napkins and packaging, to serving and eating utensils, to a host of condiments typically found in full-service cafeterias and cafés. Our strong relationships with trusted local and national vendor partners afford us excellent buying power that translates into savings for our clients.

Our Growing List of Partnerships with Food Distributors Includes:

• Backyard Farms Tomato • Holden Produce • Oakhurst Dairy
• Bellevance • Hood Milk • Pepsi
• Black River Produce • J. Polep Distribution • Rockin Roastin
• Boar’s Head Provisions • Koffee Kup Bakery • Seashore Produce
• Coca Cola • LaMarca Bakery • Starbucks Coffee
• Costa Produce • M. Saunders Produce • Sun Coffee Roasters
• Green Mountain Coffee • New England Coffee • Sysco
• Hershey’s • NH Food Service Distributors • Truly Good Food


Photo of dishes prepared by our top Food Service Company brands.Top 6 Benefits of Partnership with FSC Brands

We are proud to be among industry leaders as a resource for wholesome food and enjoyable food items.

As one of the Food Management Top 50 Contract Management Companies, we rank highly versus national brand names of cafeteria companies. Partnership with the extraordinary community of the FSC  brand family benefits owners, managers and administrators of institutions and companies.

These six benefits represent the top reasons to partner with Café Services and Glendale Dining Services:

Innovative Cuisine

Our chefs and chef managers from every FSC brand division pride themselves on preparing innovative meal solutions that accommodate the dietary and nutritional needs of their customer-audiences. Their on-site preparation of creatively-crafted, attractively-presented cuisine enhances customer participation, and generates revenue that underscores the value of FSC partnership.

Consistent Quality Food Services Provider

Our holistic approach to providing consistent quality across all aspects of each FSC division greatly benefits the businesses and institutions who partner with us to achieve their goals. Whether your organization supports business teams and customers, or patients and caregivers, you can be assured that our brands will deliver consistent quality and achieve your goals.

Local Food Management Support and Accountability

Each industry-specific FSC brand is managed by local teams of experienced directors, registered dieticians, chefs, and supervisors who are empowered to make local decisions, and accountable directly to FSC’s actively-involved regional executives. This local support and accountability is what differentiates FSC brands from large national brands that often have layers of separation from leaders with decision-making ability, leading to inflexibility and decreased customer satisfaction.

Superior Value Among Food Service Operators

Our proven strategies for efficient cafeteria and restaurant operations, coupled with our deep relationships with local and national distributors, enable each FSC brand to deliver outstanding value to customers. Fresh ingredients, quality products, and attentive service combined with convenience and affordability provides our clients with peace of mind that they are receiving superior value for their wise investment.

Our Food Management’s Commitment to Community

All FSC divisions take pride in supporting the people and economies of the local communities we serve. Through employing local people and sourcing local food whenever possible, we strive to be a responsible business partner as well as a good neighbor. We also provide financial and volunteer support to many leading local and national organizations that benefit the communities where our clients are located.

Food Safety Compliance with Best Food Service Practices

Employees in all FSC divisions receive rigorous training that thoroughly covers quality control, service excellence, and compliance with safe food handling and sanitation requirements. Our management team is ServSafe certified, and all non-salaried team members are offered food service certification.

Cuisine from our corporate dining solutions.
Increasing employee productivity starts with corporate dining solutions !

How Corporate Dining Solutions Add Value Beyond Employee Health

Our food service personnel play a vital role in providing healthy food options that satisfy more than hunger.  As expert corporate cafeteria vendors, our team of cafeteria service providers outperforms other cafeteria companies.

The largest food service vendors cannot match our corporate cafeteria management team’s heart of food. With each new food service contract, we share our passion for exceptional food, outstanding menu options and commitment to supporting each client’s revenue growth. Our services are in step with industry trends, and our vast operator resources enable us to continually bring new concepts to menus, including farm to table initiatives.

Corporate Food Service Management Firms Enhance Workplace Productivity

Workplace productivity is greatly enhanced when employees can take advantage of on-site corporate cafeteria services as part of their employee benefits package. Our systematic approach includes full-service cafeteria support, café and office refreshment services, corporate catering, vending services, micro markets, convenience markets, event management, and more. Various employee audiences throughout an office building or across a campus of offices can benefit from the quality and convenience of freshly prepared and made-to-order meals that are customized to support healthy choices and appeal to their tastes and preferences. Today’s discerning diners also seek options that support their well-being and lifestyle choices. The Café Services Fit Picks™ program provides diners with healthfully balanced and appealing portions, sound education and exciting promotions.

Innovative Cafeteria Designs Encourage Employee Participation

Many factors influence employees’ satisfaction with – and regular use of – their workplace cafeterias. Beyond obvious factors such as food quality, variety and freshness, employees also consider practical and aesthetic details such as traffic flow, cuisine layout, and interior design when deciding whether to avail themselves of the benefits that a café can offer. Café Services also offers clients the benefit of concept to completion cafeteria design services.

The Café Services Approach to Feeding Business Campuses

Through our deep experience and consistent positive results with serving employees in office buildings and across business campuses, we’ve gleaned great insights into the process of delivering award-winning corporate campus dining experiences. Our systematic approach combines the power of national purchase pricing at local levels, technologies that maximize efficiency, and corporate accountability processes. This enables us to offer the latest product innovations and freshest products in food sourcing, preparation, presentation and service.

An institutional contract food services account dining room.
This doesn’t look like institutional food services, does it? Glendale Dining Services takes the ‘institutional’ out of institutional food services.

How Contract Food Services Benefit Institutions

Institutions of all types gain tangible and intangible benefits from quality cafeteria services.

Contracted Foodservices Enable Institutions to Focus on Their Mission

Food services for institutions, such as the dedicated support of Glendale Dining Services, helps administrators in industries ranging from healthcare, senior care, and specialty school education to realize their vision by enabling them to focus on their core mission.

What Makes the Glendale Dining Services Approach Unique

Glendale Dining Services (GDS) pioneered the full-service concept of delivering fresh, quality food and skilled, caring culinary support to non-profit and for-profit institutions who serve clients, patients, and students. Today, the GDS approach continues to revolve around helping our customers to promote and uphold the health and well-being of each patient, resident, guest, student, and staff member within their facilities. Our caring teams of managers, registered dietitians, chefs and hospitality professionals work as an extension of your team to create exciting, nutritious dining experiences that enrich people’s lives by supporting their dignity and wellness.

Checklist: 5 Questions To Ask Before Contracting a Foodservice Management Firm
    1. How Flexible Are Your Culinary Options?
    2. Can You Accommodate Special Dietary & Nutritional Needs?
    3. What Local and National Distributors Do You Partner With?
    4. Do You Offer a Comprehensive List of Cafeteria Design Services?
    5. Can You Provide Local Customer References?