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Food Services For Institutions

Senior center institutional food services food station.Comprehensive Dining Services for Healthcare, Assisted Living, Senior Living and Special Schools

Glendale Dining Services is your best choice for attentive, innovative, cost-effective dining services that deliver comprehensive value for users and staff of your healthcare or rehabilitative facility, assisted living community, senior living center, or residential special school.

Serving Clients Throughout the Northeastern U.S.

Our successful growth throughout the northeastern U.S. is a testament to our team’s reputation for extraordinary service and consistent results.  We proudly support clients throughout New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.

Our growing community of clients includes for-profit and not-for-profit institutions that trust our team to supportively nourish their clients, patients, students, visitors, and employees. We invite you to discover how our team’s professionalism, compassion and hospitality can support everyone who visits, uses, resides within, or works at your facility by empowering their healthy healing, living, learning, and livelihood.

Institutional food service company signature plate.Our Customized Cuisine Appeals to Today’s Discerning Diners

We customize our restaurant-inspired menus to appeal to the diverse preferences, nutritional needs, and presentation desires of today’s discerning diners.  Our registered dieticians and talented chefs collaborate to create delicious home-style meals with restaurant-style presentation that everyone craves.  Partner with our team to enhance the dining experiences of everyone that your facility serves or employs, including various age groups, ethnicities, dispositions and backgrounds.

A Tasteful Approach to Institutional Food Services

Far from the outdated “institutional” food service offerings traditionally associated with healthcare, senior living and education, the Glendale Dining Services approach is refreshingly modern and tasteful.  This critical difference helps your customers connect with your brand, and sets you apart from your service-industry peers.

We Take Pride in Nurturing the People You Serve

Our full-service team of actively-engaged and accessible managers, chefs, nutrition specialists, and hospitality professionals take enormous pride in their pursuit of nurturing people with fresh, vibrant, flavorful cuisine.  We fervently strive to facilitate a healthy relationship between people and food by crafting innovative menus, sourcing fresh and wholesome ingredients, preparing food thoughtfully, and presenting it attractively. Our kitchens are impeccably clean, and our food stations and dining environments are warm and inviting.

Institutional Food Services Managment

Strategically Sized to Deliver Flexible, Scalable Culinary Support

Unlike nationally-controlled food service contractors who limit local decision-making and constrain creativity, Glendale Dining Services is strategically sized to deliver the flexible, scalable support that improves your dining program and your bottom line.  Our operation is large enough to command cost-effective pricing for food and products from local vendors and national brands, yet small enough to craft customized service that enhances every aspect of your dining operations.

Seasoned Culinary Experts & Hospitality Professionals

You can depend on our in-house staff of expert culinary and hospitality specialists to deliver uninterrupted support that frees you from the distractions, headaches, and compliance risks of managing your own dining services program.

Outstanding Value for Your Food Service Investment

Our proven approach to delivering overall value is to partner with you to learn your goals and budget, and collaboratively develop custom dining programs that uphold your mission, achieve your goals, and improve your image among the communities you serve.

Let our team of Glendale Dining Services experienced chefs, dietitians, dining managers, and hospitality pros empower your mission-critical facility to fulfill your commitments to your consumers, staff, and stakeholders while we maintain a responsible and compliant foodservice program that you will be proud to call your own.